18 October

Plant a tree and help mitigate climate change!


Let’s celebrate sustainability on the 18th of October!

The European Paper Bag Day!

Welcome! Our annual European Paper Bag Day is dedicated to raising awareness about paper bags and their value as a sustainable and efficient packaging solution now and in the future.


In 2019 we celebrate the 2nd European Paper Bag Day. It is an initiative by the platform “The Paper Bag“, which comprises Europe´s leading kraft paper manufacturers and paper bag producers.

As the world’s largest kraft paper producer and member of this platform, Mondi is delighted to participate in the celebration.

Take a look at the video and discover nine fascinating facts about paper bags and their important contribution to mitigate climate change right below.


The nine facts about paper bags:


1. Natural and renewable resource

  • based on wood
  • ever-growing resource

2. From sustainably managed forests

  • continuous replanting of trees: in past 25 years, the forest area has increased by 17.5 million hectares. This equals almost half of the size of Italy
  • maintains biodiversity and ecosystems
  • provides habitat for wildlife, recreational areas and jobs


3. Effective against climate change

  • trees act as a carbon sink
  • average annual sequestration of carbon in European forests offsets the emissions from a country the size of Germany
  • CO2 stored in wood fibre remains in paper bags

4. 100% biodegradable

  • degrades within 2-5 months
  • no harm to environment

Paper bags provide an important contribution to mitigate climate change.


5. 100% recyclable

  • 72.3 % paper recycling rate in Europe
  • recycling reduces emissions
  • contributes to climate change mitigation

6. Helps reduce plastic waste

  • alternative to plastic bags
  • no plastic littering
  • no microplastics

Do you want to contribute?



7. Reliable shopping companion

  • carries up to 12 kg
  • uniform test standards indicate the weight and volume a bag can carry
  • can be reused several times

8. Demonstrates environmental commitment

  • in line with sustainable consumer lifestyle
  • expresses brand engagement towards environment

9. Attractive to consumers

  • 80% of people believe a brand printed on paper is more pleasant and attractive
  • 86% of people would rather use paper bags

Are you interested or want to participate?

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All facts and messages are related to the CEPI Eurokraft Infographic „Paper bags contribute to fighting climate change“.